We have been in Peru for 50 years promoting social justice, reducing poverty, and saving lives. In all these years at the service of the development of the most vulnerable populations, we are united by a common purpose: to contribute so that Peru becomes a more sustainable country for all.

In CARE Peru, we are proud to contribute to the rest of CARE, an international organization that works in more than 100 countries and with more than 75 years of experience worldwide. There is no doubt that learning and the articulation of know-how between countries is one of the great strengths that characterize us.

2020 has been a difficult year; however, one of the great satisfactions has been the timely assistance that we were able to provide from CARE Peru during the COVID-19 situation. We faced unexpected challenges; we knew how to adapt to new needs, and we applied technology to all the projects we led and executed. At the same time, we demonstrated our resilience and our ability to innovate serving the most vulnerable populations, all thanks to the effort and commitment of the incredible human group that makes up the CARE Peru family. Thanks!

Among the initiatives with the most impact, we highlight the project “We Learn +, We Grow and We Always Undertake”, which has been contributing to the improvement of learning in the curricular areas of Communication, Mathematics and Social Personal, in addition to strengthening social-emotional skills and entrepreneurial skills of the students. Last year 1,420 women participated directly in the project and a total of 2,480 (PIIRS, 2020) indirectly. One of the most significant actions we achieved was the delivery of 2,288 tablets with informative, innovative, and educational content to students in the intervention areas after the suspension of face-to-face classes.

Another project with great impact was Feed their strength, which was born in the pandemic as an initiative to provide a daily and balanced nutritious food to thousands of people living in poverty or extreme poverty through soup kitchens. Thanks to the support of civil society, organizations and companies that donated to this initiative, 2,945 people have been fed and 195,331 food servings have been delivered to 16 soup kitchens in Cercado de Lima, Lurín and Villa El Salvador. Likewise, 115 kitchen partners have been trained in topics such as nutrition, good hygiene practices, dining room management, leadership, and soft skills.

To mention one more, the She Feeds the World project has achieved high impact in a short time. Thanks to it, women farmers constantly strengthen their capacities to bring a better diet to their homes, emphasizing the preparation of foods rich in iron. In this way, we contribute to the reduction of anemia and chronic child malnutrition in children under 5 years old, pregnant women and childbearing age women in Lima, Piura, and Ica through the nutritional component of the project and in coordination with ministries and regional and local governments. At the same time, this project aims to increase family income, ensuring that these actions are sustainable over time. Today, the initiative has already been adapted to continue training more than 3,000 women through virtual tools and other local media.

At CARE Peru we value diversity of gender, age, ethnicity, and cognitive abilities; we always aim for inclusion because while the individual experience and technical prowess of each is important, the magic happens when we work for a common purpose. It is in this space where our individualities meet and we achieve a broader and, undoubtedly, more innovative vision for the benefit of the communities we serve.

Likewise, we recognize the commitment of each of the companies and donors. We greatly appreciate their trust in our initiatives, which seek to turn their contributions into vehicles of social impact. Our donors and allies make our programs possible, therefore, we will continue working hand in hand with them to influence and amplify the social impact.

Finally, we celebrate the CARE Peru team for their vocation to generate sustainable well-being and the members of the Management Committee for their active support of our team. I do not want to close these lines without expressing our special gratitude to Óscar Caipo, who chaired the Board of Directors for so many years, providing the team with a strategic vision focused on the sustainable development of the organization.

Thank you all! We have a monumental task ahead of us. I am sure that together, we will make it.