This year has represented a great global challenge due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, so all fundraising efforts were reformulated to generate the support that projects currently need and thus ensure their proper functioning. our main fundraising projects are detailed as follows:

Girls with Opportunities

Since 2016, it is the “flagship project”. Its objective is that high school students from the rural regions of Huancavelica, Cajamarca, Amazonas, and Lambayeque finish their studies at the right age and with the necessary tools to fulfill their dreams.

The donation campaigns for this work were carried out during the first quarter of 2020 and were resumed as of the last quarter of the same year, this due to the change in strategy as a result of the health crisis caused by COVID-19 that considered other campaigns of emergency response as priority. During these periods, different actions were carried out that allowed the fundraising for the maintenance of the project, aimed at the general public and companies.

One of the main campaigns has been to attract and retain recurring donors, with which we seek that more people feel motivated to collaborate with a one-time or monthly donation through different means such as:

Employee giving: In this modality, collaborators are invited to support a social cause donating through a payroll discount; this action is a joint effort with the companies. Companies such as KPMG, Caipo y Asociados, LHH DBM and COES have supported us with this modality. In some cases, companies have provided a corporate donation that matches what is collected by employees, such as LHH DBM.

Face to phase: for the campaign for Women’s Day aimed at collaborators of companies. It is a sensitization strategy that seeks to make company employees aware of the work carried out by CARE Peru in a close and dynamic way. Our allies in these activities are KPMG, Indra, GroupM, Ladysoft, Lindcorp and Sunass.

Alliances with companies: allow producers, artists, or companies to support the project with mechanisms such as cobranding, creating a solidarity product and allocating a profit margin for the project. Some brands that have opted for this mechanism are Palettas, Aruma, Flora & Fauna, Las Polleras de Agus and Sumaya.

Similarly, a great support to our project is the KPMG Company Golf Tournament. The fifth edition brought together more than 100 executives from the main companies in the country and this year contributed again collecting S / 30,000. Likewise, Un Propósito para Leer (A Purpose to Read) initiative continues, in which university volunteers collaborate with their time to promote a book sales campaign supporting income generation.

In addition to the great collaboration of companies in their commitment to be agents of change in our society, the first edition of the fundraising campaign #DueñasDeSuHistoria (Owners of their story) was developed, aimed at the general public within the framework of the International Day of the Girl (October 11th). Through digital pieces on our social networks, web, mailing, digital guide and PR actions, the importance of supporting the education of girls was communicated so that they can find the opportunities they need to make their dreams come true and turn them into great stories.

This campaign also featured a virtual discussion held at the end of October that made visible the importance of education for girls and adolescents in rural areas of our country. The campaign ended in January 2021 with an activation called Challenge for Education carried out in conjunction with the Inkansables organization, in which four athletes traveled 340 kilometers taking the donations collected from Girls with Opportunities to Huaytara, Huancavelica, where the project was born.

Response to COVID-19: Feed Their Strength

The health emergency generated by COVID-19 led to the beginning of a new initiative called #AlimentaSuFuerza (Feed their strength), whose objective was to collect donations to provide a daily nutritious food to thousands of families in vulnerable situations in Lima. This was released on March 24th – a few days after the quarantine began – and was in effect for the next 6 months. There was great support from solidary people and companies so that several popular soup kitchens in Lima kept serving.

This campaign sought specific donations from civil society through constant content on our social networks and media. There were several donation channels that facilitated the process such as the web, bank transfers in various banks, Pagolink and Yape.

In addition, we had the support of GrupoRPP, who included us as part of the non-profit organizations that benefited from the Unidos concert series, in which various artists got together and recorded performances. During the entire event, bank accounts and different means of donation were shown. Thanks to this initiative, S / 19,000 were raised in just one night.

We also receive corporate donations from companies such as Citibank, Bunge, ABB, and ABB Power Grids, Edifica, Skadivaria and The Showroom. Likewise, we make alliances with companies such as Palettas, with donations through the sale of their products; Glovo, as a means of collection through the mobile application and Diners Club that, thanks to its team of influencers and social networks, managed to raise a significant amount of money through its partners and made a corporate donation that doubled the original figure.

With all these efforts, it was possible to raise – until September 2020 – S / 359,926.41 that helped serve more than 1,000 people in the soup kitchens during all that time.