With 50 years in Peru, in CARE we have sought to create a more inclusive country, where girls and women live with equal opportunities and with less poverty. Our role as a facilitator of social change processes has allowed us to generate a set of innovative models and solutions with the potential to be scalable working in alliances and strengthening and linking with different actors. Our interventions contribute to the design and implementation of public policies in favor of the most vulnerable populations. In addition, as an organization we contribute to achieving lasting and significant impacts on the eradication of poverty and social justice by relying on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). In that sense, gender equality (SDG 5) is at the center of our programmatic ambitions and permeates all of our work.

As a member of the CARE International Confederation, to achieve social justice through gender equality, which involves improving access to resources and opportunities for girls and women is our goal. To achieve this, we will continue to facilitate articulation and dialogue processes with local and regional governments, with ministries, social organizations, the private sector, academia, and international cooperation to establish the necessary agreements that promote social change and the search for sustainable solutions.

We use evidence and learning from our programs to influence more broadly and to scale effective solutions. Thus, in partnership with a wide range of actors from civil society, governments, and the private sector, we work in three main roles that play a crucial and complementary role:

Humanitarian action:

We respond to emergency situations to save lives, paying special attention to the needs of girls, women, and the most vulnerable populations. Our humanitarian action includes preparedness and early action, as well as response and recovery. Likewise, it constitutes one of the pillars for equitable post-emergency development.

Promotion of sustainable changes and innovative solutions:

Our programs use innovative solutions for sustainable development and promote the creation of development models and pilots that allow better access to essential services, capacity development, risk reduction and the empowerment of the most vulnerable people, particularly girls and women. Furthermore, they are based on a deep understanding of the factors that promote poverty and social injustice in each context, paying special attention to marginalized needs and the structural causes of poverty and exclusion.

Hand in hand with our partners and allies, we focus on addressing the search for joint solutions that make possible a greater right to quality health and education; the right to a free life without violence; the right to food and nutrition security; the right to water; the conservation of the environment and biodiversity in contexts of climate change, as well as the economic empowerment of women and financial inclusion so that more and more women have the same access and control over economic resources, assets and opportunities. 

Multiplication of the impact:

All of our work seeks to impact the communities in which we work and beyond. We use evidence and learning from our humanitarian action and long-term development programs to influence broader societal change. Through this role, we can contribute to a deeper and more sustainable impact by documenting successful models, enhancing knowledge, influencing the adoption and expansion of proven approaches, advocating for public policies in support of the poorest and most excluded people, influencing in decision makers at all levels for the change of policies and practices and meditating the dialogue between actors.

From CARE, we thank all our partners, allies and donors for the trust placed in this last year and we encourage them to always continue working together and to continue joining forces until the end of poverty is achieved.