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Alma Llanera: Sustainable integration of Venezuelan refugees and migrants through greater access to protection services, mental health, and livelihood support

01/09/2019 - 30/08/2021


Lugar de intervención:
Callao, La Libertad, Lima, Piura, Tumbes


Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (BPRM).

Aliados estratégicos

MINSA, MIMP, GORES of Tumbes, Piura, La Libertad, Public Prosecutor's Office, etc.

Objetivo del proyecto

Improve the self-reliance and integration of vulnerable Venezuelan refugees and immigrants in Peru through increased access to protection, mental health, and livelihood services.

Grupo de impacto

Venezuelan migrants and refugees, prioritizing the vulnerable population, adolescents, and women. In total, 63,000 direct beneficiaries in 2 years.


  • The use of ICT and virtual contests, as well as the dissemination of materials adapted for digital communication channels.
  • Additionally, the development of an application for sending massive messages such as the use of the chat box.
  • The guidelines for live broadcasts were also planned for the development of promotional preventive activities through Facebook of community mental health centers.

Fortalecimiento de la sociedad civil

Work with migrant and refugee organizations such as the Venezuelan Union (Unión Venezolana) (Lima) and, in La Libertad (Freedom), with Organized Venezuelans (Venezolanos Organizados – VEO), training their members, working on joint plans, and promoting coordinated actions with the State towards the protective environment (approach among the free services of the State in matters of protection and mental health to the Venezuelan migrant and refugee population).

Likewise, we worked with other organizations such as ASOVENTRU and Corazones para Todos (Hearts for All), which supported the referral of cases of mental health care to Community Mental Health Centers (Centros de Salud Mental Comunitarios – CSMC) and in the preparation of a list of women to be assessed for livelihoods.

Modelos efectivos

The strategic alliance with the Ministries of Health and Protection, proposing a protective environment that has as its starting point the Community Mental Health Centers (Centros de Salud Mental Comunitarios – CSMC) and articulates the three objectives of the project, which are now four, after incorporating the Contingency Plan approved.


  • An added value for approaching the Venezuelan migrant population (first-hand perceptions, culture, and aspirations) is to start with a gender analysis where the project team itself immerses itself and participates in focus groups and interviews. During the project, this was key in the implementation of each activity. Subsequently, the conclusions and recommendations resulting from this analysis were prioritized.
  • It is necessary to emphasize the understanding of the reality that migrant women go through, which includes situations of discrimination, limitation of access to services, gender-based violence, sexual and labor exploitation, hyper sexualization, etc. These situations serve to sensitize institutions with evidence-based information such as rapid gender analysis (RGA).
  • The approach to an intervention of human mobility in an environment of xenophobia in the host population, should promote speeches that positively recognize the cultural diversity and the contribution of the migrant population in the national territory.
  • Banish beliefs, prejudices, myths, and paradigms around the migrant population, as well as around the use of virtual media for training activities. The population of “non-millennial” Venezuelan women (generation X) was able to manage virtual platforms to successfully complete their online training sessions. In addition, flexible hours were rethought to adapt to the time availability of the participants.

Impacto del proyecto

Total beneficiarios directos

Total beneficiarios indirectos

Mujeres beneficiadas directas

Mujeres beneficiadas indirectas

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