Development and economic inclusion of women, food security and nutrition

Competitive pig production in the district of Pachacámac, province of Lima

01/05/2019 - 31/10/2019


Lugar de intervención:


Cargill USA and Cargill Peru.

Aliados estratégicos

Senasa, Lurín Agrarian Agency, Pachacámac District Municipality, Nutritalentos SAC and Calpec EIRL.

Objetivo del proyecto

Improve the competitiveness of pig farming with a focus on the value chain of producers in the town of Lúcumo, Lima.

Grupo de impacto

Women living in poverty dedicated to small-scale pig farming.


The incorporation of good production practices, quality food and hygiene, as well as the improvement of infrastructure and social organization to access training, marketing, and counterpart of the participants.

Fortalecimiento de la sociedad civil

Promotion of the economic and social associativity of women through the organization and formalization of an association of producers.

Modelos efectivos

The initial, intermediate, and final registration of the live weight of the pigs to be incorporated into the process and its control without project activity, which demonstrated the increase in weight through the technical recommendations of the project.


  • Consider the climate, since there was greater climatic variability in the area, registering very sudden changes in temperature that caused the occasional appearance of respiratory and digestive diseases. All of this affected the rate of live weight gain.
  • Higher production costs due to the incorporation of healthy foods, which compete with the costs of poor production practices.
  • One challenge is to contribute to the positioning of the area of Lucumos with more initiatives to expand to the rest of the families in the area, so that they achieve their objective: to be the main center for the production of pork under competitive market conditions.

Impacto del proyecto

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