Disaster risk management and emergency response

Rapid response plan to the emergency due to COVID-19: Nutri baskets – KitCARE (Pachacámac)

05/01/2020 - 08/30/2020


Lugar de intervención:


Telefónica del Perú S.A.A.

Aliados estratégicos

Tunki and Red Digital.

Objetivo del proyecto

Promote adequate nutrition in vulnerable populations by providing advice, nutritional information and delivering a basket of non-perishable food.

Grupo de impacto

Vulnerable people in the district of Pachacamac.


The delivery of electronic vouchers that allow to exchange a basic basket with nutritious food in affiliated warehouses.


  • Consider that vulnerable populations do not have access to the Internet or smartphones. It is more advisable to send the information via SMS and deliver the messages on physical nutrition within the food basket.
  • If an application is used, it must be very easy to download, it must not take up much space and it must facilitate redirection to local warehouses for the exchange of food.
  • Telephone support is essential.

Impacto del proyecto

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