From CARE Peru we have developed various projects to assist vulnerable people affected by the health emergency due to COVID-19 with the aim of providing them with access to fundamental social services so that they can recover their livelihoods. In this way, we seek to contribute to building the resilience of communities with a preventive and preparedness approach. Following, we detail some of the projects deployed:


Its main objective is that people in vulnerable situations receive a plate of nutritious food a day, considering all safety implements.

With the commitment to improve living conditions and provide food support to people in vulnerable situations in the face of the health emergency generated by COVID-19, CARE Peru provides daily healthy lunches to people in vulnerable areas through popular kitchens in Lime.

In this sense, the Feed Your Force (Alimenta su Fuerza) initiative helps provide adequate nutrition to families. To achieve this, we have a team made up of nutrition specialists and field promoters who evaluate the composition of the food dishes on a daily basis. These dishes are made up of products such as beans, cereals, meats, fruits, and vegetables, as well as foods that provide nutrients to prevent iron deficiency.


This project includes the delivery of kits custom-made and according to the needs of the populations, to whom support is provided for their personal and family development. Said kits can be as follows:

  • Nutrition: contains essential products and also includes advice given by nutritionists so that families learn to eat better.
  • Health and protection: contain products or key elements for any situation. In addition, it includes prevention information and practical guides to maintain good family health.
  • Education: contains materials that help many girls and boys to continue developing, including educational materials developed by CARE Peru to protect their emotional and physical development.
  • Emergency: allows meeting the needs of the most vulnerable population and of those who could be most affected by a disaster event.


Is a system of economic aid through transfer.

The project provides an economic benefit to 500 Venezuelan migrants and refugees in vulnerable situations. It also shares information on prevention measures against COVID-19 and reporting mechanisms in cases of gender-based violence.

Alma Llanera

This project aids Venezuelan migrants and refugees.

Various comprehensive care services have been implemented since the beginning of the health emergency: protection for cases of gender-based violence and / or human trafficking, guidance and referral to services that provide psychological or emotional support, support for access to health services, orientation on migratory regularization and sociocultural integration activities.

Proyecto País (Project Country)

Includes support to the Ministry of Health for the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Acquisition of equipment and supplies to strengthen the diagnostic capacity against COVID-19, for example:
    • SARS-CoV-2 molecular tests for the diagnosis of COVID-19.
    • Supplies for molecular diagnosis in the open platform of COVID-19.
    • Laboratory equipment.
    • Deliveries have been made to the National Institute of Health.
  • Procurement of personal protective equipment: N95 respirators, aprons, acrylic goggles, face masks and masks, which have been delivered to the following agents:Health teams from health establishments of various DIRIS / DIRESA / GERESA.
    • Urban mobile brigade teams from the project intervention areas.
    • MCC teams.
    • Amazonian mobile brigade team and masks to the Amazonian indigenous populations during the BMA intervention.
    • TB / HIV coinfection teams.